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Chemical Peels in Los Angeles, CA

Age, the sun and other elements take a toll on our facial skin causing us to look older and worn down. Chemical peels are an excellent option for those who want smoother, fresher skin. Skin Deep Laser Med Spa who performs chemical peels on people living in Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA and the surrounding communities to look younger and rejuvenated.

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are a skin rejuvenating treatment for layers of skin that are dry or damaged from age, the sun and other factors. The amount of layers removed depends on the type of peel chosen, its strength and how long it is left on to do its job. The most popular chemical peels are superficial/light and medium peels:

  • Superficial light peels remove the top layer of the skin and are intended to even out texture and brighten the skin. This type of peel is a relatively fast and easy treatment after which you can go back to your normal routine; however, they require more treatments to achieve the desired look.
  • Medium peels go deeper into the skin to erase more defined wrinkles and lines, as well as sun damage and other skin discoloration. Patients must be prepared to spend a little more time at the doctor’s office following the treatment so they can relax with cool compresses on their faces to alleviate any slight discomfort and complete the treatment. With these peels, there is some recovery as the skin must heal by forming new layers of skin. People should estimate that the healing may take up to a week.

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are minimally invasive and benefit the recipients by:

  • Costing less than other skin perfecting treatments
  • Erasing the imperfections that come with aging, the sun and other factors
  • Rejuvenate the skin to look and feel more youthful
  • Increase the production of collagen

Types of Chemical Peels Offered

Skin Deep Laser Med Spa knows there are lots of chemical peels from which to choose and how they affect each type of skin and complexion. At our office, we offer the following chemical peels to his patients:

Are Chemical Peels Right for Me?

If you feel like your skin is dry and lifeless, you have prominent signs of aging becoming more visible on your face, or you simply want to maintain a youthful glow, chemical peels may be right for you. To determine if they are the best option, as well as which type of peel can benefit your skin the most, you need to schedule a consultation so we can evaluate your skin and recommend the best treatment for you.

How are Chemical Peels Performed?

When applying a chemical peel, the skin is first cleansed to remove any dirt or makeup from the face. After that the solution is applied to the face with a brush or applicator. The peel is left on to penetrate the skin and remove the top layers of skin, which is evident by the lightening of the skin as the peel does its job. Once complete, the peel is either removed or self neutralizes to complete the process which typically takes 50 minutes.

Chemical Peel Recovery

Chemical peels are accompanied by some recovery time depending on the type and strength of peel. Most patients have some redness in the first few days following the treatment, with stronger peels including mild swelling. Over the next couple of weeks, there is some slight peeling as the skin heals and the dead skin goes away. Once healed, the complexion is amazingly smooth and rejuvenated.

How Much Do Chemical Peels Cost in Pasadena, CA?

Chemical peels vary in cost depending on the type of peel used and if more than one treatment is necessary. During a consultation with Dr. Schwartz, we can go over the cost, as well as our payment options. We also offer financing  through Alphaeon Credit, Prosper® Healthcare Lending and CareCredit® to make more procedures available to more patients.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are considering a chemical peel, we recommend you schedule an appointment to evaluate your skin and make a recommendation as to whether a chemical peel or other MedSpa treatment is the best option for you. Additionally, we can determine which type of peel is best for your skin and answer any questions.

Chemical peels are tried and true skin treatments to restore a smoother and younger complexion. Skin Deep Laser Med Spa performs chemical peels and other MedSpa treatments on people living in Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA, as well as the surrounding communities. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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