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Precision Tx Smartlipo For Face and Neck

Many of my patients come in requesting a mini-lift or neck lift. Very few people want a full facelift, as that involves significant down time and recovery. It has been a bit frustrating for me, as many patients really need more of a major lift, although most want to think that all they need is a minor adjustment.

Well, the great news is that the new Precision Tx Sidelaze laser has been proving something of a small miracle in rejuvenating the lower face and neck. This laser is able to melt fat, tighten underlying muscle tissues, and tighten skin. The procedure is done in one hour under light sedation with local tumescent anesthesia. The face and neck are supplied with tumescent anesthesia which is buffered and therefore painless to administer. A small puncture is made behind each earlobe and under the chin. Through these, the laser fiber is used to deliver energy to the tissues, stimulating collagen and tightening the muscle lining, melting fat, and tightening skin.

The procedure takes about one hour. There is minimal discomfort afterward, and although there is some swelling in the first 24 hours, it is minimized already on the first postop day when I see patients. If done on Friday, one can usually return to work on Monday! We can also add fillers, Botox, and a light fractional CO2 laser treatment with the Active and Deep Fx laser and you can lose 7-10 years on Friday and be back to work on Monday!

I am excited about this Precision Tx as I now have a treatment option that I can recommend to a lot of my patients who feel they are starting to age in the face and neck or have already aged in the face and neck, yet are not ready for the process and recovery of open lifting procedures.

The patient here is a 55 year old woman who was not prepared for the recovery and expense of a face lift. Although it takes 3-6 months for collagen to form and skin to fully tighten, this result at 2 weeks postop is impressive! Note the improvement of the lower neck skin and horizontal lines. Please ask me about this procedure. We offer free consultations.



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