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Spa Services in Los Angeles, CA

Skin Deep Laser Med Spa offers high-quality spa services which combine medically sophisticated protocols blended with the highest level of luxury and pampering, all designed to achieve outstanding results for individuals who live in and around Los Angeles, Pasadena and the surrounding communities of California.

Sophisticated Med Spa Services

Bliss and luxury fuse with scientifically sophisticated pampering that is all about you with premium spa services from Skin Deep Laser Med Spa. We provide deluxe spa services ranging from facials to IV Vitamin infusions to massages and body wraps, all delivering outstanding results that combine an unsurpassed level of luxurious indulgence with world-class medical expertise, so you can spoil yourself while you purify your body and skin the clinically and medically correct way.

Spa Services in Los Angeles, CA

Spa Services we offer:

Gentle Attention for Your Specific Needs

Relaxed indulgence, an oasis of calm, a refreshing retreat that leaves you revived, these are some of the descriptions that Skin Deep Laser Med Spa’s past patients use to describe the much-needed relaxation and indulgence that our spa services provide. When was the last time you did something just for you? Do you feel your body deserves some pampering or an extra special boost of gentle attention that caters to your specific needs?

Customized Facials for a Glowing Complexion

For full on pampering that’s all about you, consider a relaxing spa day with Skin Deep Laser Med Spa’s customized menu of spa services, ranging from a selection of facials, from the cutting-edge Oxygen Facial, our classic Skin Deep Custom Facial, the breakout preventing Acne Facial, or our legendary Red Carpet Facial designed to help you lock in your very best look for that upcoming special occasion or big day.

Intravenous Vitamin Infusion Therapy for Total Rejuvenation

Skin Deep Laser Med Spa’s medically supervised program of Infusion Therapy combines the technical sophistication of a premier medical clinic with the expertise and care that you truly deserve in a luxurious setting. Whether it’s our Myers Cocktail, Hydration Drip, B-12 Injections, Glutathione Push or Skinny Shots, all of our infusion therapies are customized and personalized to your specific needs, with the goal of rejuvenation, reinvigoration, and the reintroduction of balance to the elements in your body that are necessary to a beautiful, flawlessly functioning physiology that is in harmony with your stressful day to day life without compromising on what’s essential to your well-being.

Therapeutic Massage and Body Wraps

When it comes to Therapeutic Massage, no one does it better than Skin Deep Laser Med Spa’s team of experts. From classical Swedish Massage to the amazingly reinvigorating Deep-Tissue Massage, or our highly personalized and uniquely effective Custom Massage, you can count on an approach that is highly sophisticated and just right for your needs. And if you want the ultimate in full body treatment, consider our Infrared Body Wrap as the best way to deliver maximum metabolic stimulation in the comfort of a luxurious spa setting.

Contact us today to learn more about how Skin Deep Laser Med Spa services can help you unlock your potential, unwind muscle pain, and rejuvenate your body for a more happy and wholesome you.


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