ViPeel in Los Angeles, CA

Do you ever wonder how you can have the radiant glow that celebrities have? Skin Deep Laser Med Spa treats people living in Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA and the surrounding communities, with a VI Peel™ to leave the skin smoother, brighter and more youthful.

ViPeel in Los Angeles, CA

What is a VI Peel™?

A VI Peel™ is a chemical peel that treats sun damage and other signs of aging and melasma to leave the skin smooth and soft. The primary advantages of a VI Peel™ is its ability to do its job without the discomfort some other chemical peels have and corrects the skin at the cellular level rather than the outer layer of skin. VI Peel™ combines TCA, Retin-A, salicylic acid and Vitamin C, making it safe for all skin types. It can also be used on the hands and chest to remove sun spots.

There are three types of VI Peel™ solutions:

  • VI Peel™ Purify – This formula treats acne and the side effects that come with it including scarring and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • VI Peel™ Precision – This is a stronger formula of the VI Peel™ – 25 percent stronger
  • VI Peel™ Precision Plus – This treats melasma and pigmentation with a precision booster and extra pads.

Benefits of a VI Peel™

A VI Peel™ is very effective at removing the signs of aging, including sun spots, age spots and fine lines and wrinkles. It is often chosen for a chemical peel because it offers the following benefits:

  • Safe to use on the hands, neck, and chest
  • No discomfort
  • Results are visible in days
  • No skin preparation
  • Very little downtime

Is a VI Peel™ Right for Me?

The VI Peel™ is right for you if you have visible age or sun spots, melasma or other signs of aging and want to smooth your skin beyond using fillers and injectables. Additionally, a VI Peel™ is ideal if you want a peel that results in less downtime and side effects.

How Does a VI Peel™ Work?

The solution is spread evenly over cleansed skin just like it is with any other chemical peel. As soon as the peel is applied, patients may leave the office, although the solution must stay on the skin for a few hours at which point, it may be washed off. After the solution is removed from the skin, after care products are applied. These products are given to patients prior to applying the chemical peel solution, along with very detailed instructions. At bedtime, another solution is applied with towelettes. Patients, for the most part, report no stinging or other discomfort as the solution contains an anesthetic; instead, they feel a little tightening of the skin.

During the process, the solution reacts with the skin so that it slightly blisters and peels off. As with any facial chemical peel, Vi Peel™ works when your doctor spreads a chemical evenly across the skin. The chemical reacts with the skin and creates micro damage that causes skin to blister and the top layers to peel off. This removes the older skin cells and stimulates collagen production in a faster manner to heal the skin.

VI Peel™ Recovery

Immediately following the VI Peel™, the skin has a brown or reddish tone to it that lasts for the first couple of days. Most patients look slightly tan so they are able to continue working. The peeling begins at about the three-day post peel mark and is done by the end of day four. Within about a week, the process is complete and the skin looks smooth and revitalized.

Each patient receiving a VI Peel™ receives VI Derm® moisturizer, which keeps the face from looking scaly.  Normal routines continue as there is little to no problems with the appearance; however, we recommend no vigorous exercise or activities for the first few days.

Most patients require only one treatment to achieve smoother skin although it is suggested that maintenance peels be performed about every three to four months.

How Much Does a VI Peel™ Cost in Pasadena, CA?

The cost of VI Peel™ varies depending on where the peel is performed and how many treatments are required. During a consultation, we can discuss the cost with you following an evaluation of your skin. We offer excellent financing through Alphaeon Credit, Prosper® Healthcare Lending and CareCredit® to make more procedures available to more patients.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are interested in finding out if VI Peel™ is an option to achieve younger, smoother skin, we recommend you schedule a consultation. At this appointment, we will evaluate your skin to determine if VI Peel™ or another chemical peel is the right option for you. We will also spend time answering questions and addressing any of your concerns.

VI Peels™ remove dead skin cells and other signs of aging with no side effects to restore a smoother and younger complexion. Skin Deep Laser Med Spa performs VI Peel™ and other MedSpa treatments on people living in Los Angeles and Pasadena, CA, as well as the surrounding communities. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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